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Smartphones: The Next-Generation Emergency Alert System.

Disseminating Relevant Information According to a recent Pew Research public opinion poll, 26 percent of Americans receive their news and information from cell phones. Additionally the poll found that 43 percent of those under 50 receive news on their mobile phones. These two findings demonstrate an important factor when considering how best to modernize emergency […]

New York will send crisis text via CB

Sept 2007_Abstract NY Post: In the aftermath of the Deutsche Bank fire and the Midtown steam-pipe explosion, city officials yesterday announced they will begin testing rapid-alert programs to rush text messages to New Yorkers’ cellphones. Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler told lawmakers at a City Council hearing that a pilot program using text messages as an early-alert system for communities will […]

Bush Orders Update of Emergency Alert System

June 27, 2006, abstract article S.S. Hsu, Washington Post President Bush yesterday ordered Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to overhaul the nation’s hodgepodge of public warning systems, acknowledging a critical weakness unaddressed since the 2001 terrorist attacks and exposed again last year by Hurricane Katrina. The Emergency Alert System, best known for weather bulletins and […]