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New York will send crisis text via CB

Sept 2007_Abstract NY Post: In the aftermath of the Deutsche Bank fire and the Midtown steam-pipe explosion, city officials yesterday announced they will begin testing rapid-alert programs to rush text messages to New Yorkers’ cellphones. Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler told lawmakers at a City Council hearing that a pilot program using text messages as an early-alert system for communities will […]

Cell Broadcast warning service in Japan

In 2008, DoCoMo Japan, will begin a severe-weather and earthquake warning service using the cell broadcast service. Data from the meteorological agency will be broadcast to phones from cell towers. Included will be earthquake warnings that will flow from a new system introduced earlier this year that attempts to give notice to people in the […]

Cell Broadcast services in India

The Indian operator BSNL has introduced a cell broadcast services through which vital information and messages can be given to all subscribers in a particular or entire service area. Cell broadcast services can be utilised to provide vital information about any disaster, disaster management measures or any other important information. The location-based services include different […]

Dutch Test Emergency Cell Phone alert

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — Cell phones throughout a downtown hotel beeped simultaneously Tuesday with an alert: there is a suspicious package in the building. It was a drill, run by Dutch authorities testing an emergency “cell broadcasting” system that sends a text message to every mobile phone in a defined area. Representatives from 21 national governments, […]

Cell broadcasting for dissemination of flood warnings

The intensive use of cell phones world-wide has now enabled the development of a new and very powerful methodology for dissemination of flood warnings to populations exposed to flooding. The dissemination of flood warnings to people living in flood prone areas have often been ineffective, late and of limited value. Quick and efficient mass communication […]

Cell-alert, via Cell Broadcast

What is Cell Broadcasting? Cell Broadcasting (CB) is an existing function of most modern digital mobile phone systems, such as GSM UMTS and CDMA. It differs from SMS in that, while it does put text messages on the screen of the phone, (like SMS does), it does this to ‘all-at-once ‘and not one-at-a-time as SMS […]