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Civil Emergency Alert Services Association Europe Ceasa-int Europe  is a not-for-profit Public Safety User initiative based in Europe, with authorized chapters worldwide.

Ceasa-int Europe is active in developing and supporting internationally required protocols, standards, regulations, and governance for the deployment of Public Warning Systems.
There are a growing number of Ceasa-int members, setting the best practices for each country, in conjunction with governmental institutes and network operators.
One of the key technology based channels for communication is considered Mobile Cell Broadcasting of which Ceasa-int Europe is a strong advocate for.
Ceasa-int Europe sets stringent criteria for authentication of the message, authorization of the sender, and selection of receivers of emergency messages.

The membership of Ceasa-int, which includes individual members, trade group members and sponsors, consists of both users and parties who wish the rapid deployment of state of art Public Warning Systems, to save citizen.

Ceasa was originally formed in the US and focussed to create a harmonized international channel-coding scheme, which enables international and cross-border use of Cell Broadcast in a multilingual environment. There are active initiatives taking place in the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia and Europe – with countries like England, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Finland.

To secure professional technology knowledge related to the use of Cell Broadcast messaging Ceasa-int Europe is close cooperating with the Cell Broadcast Forum More information: www.cellbroadcastforum.org

Ceasa-int Europe members have been active in the European Chorist research project. The Chorist project is a project, funded by the European Commission, which addresses Environmental Risk Management. Chorist proposes solutions to increase rapidity and effectiveness of interventions following a major disaster in order to enhance citizens’ safety.
For communication to citizen a multi channel communication system has been implemented, used and tested, supporting a Cell Broadcast channel of communication with additional types of digital communication channels, in order to increase citizen’s communication reach and reliability, in case it really matters. More information: http://www.chorist.eu/

Ceasa-int Europe members have been active in sharing knowledge and open up discussions in the European ‘Cell Broadcast for Public Warning – sharing knowledge and experiences and identification and standardisation of (technical) requirements’ project.

Participating or supporting European countries in this 2009 EU project were: Germany, France, Hungary, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, the United Kingdom and Sweden.
The project is funded by the European Commission – Prevention, Preparedness and Consequence Management of Terrorism and Other Security Related Risks programme.

An international delivery statement document has been defined, also in full agreement with  Ceasa-int Europe. This version (5.1 version by Dec. 2009) is available via info@ceasa-int.eu